Theft Protection

One of the greatest advantages that credit cards often provide is giving the purchases you make with them extra protection. One of the protections that some credit cards offer is theft insurance. This means that if you purchase something with a credit card and it’s stolen within a certain period of time after the purchase, your purchase is protected and you can get your money back. If you made the same purchase with cash or a check, your would not have this same protection.

Although many credit cards offer theft protection, not all credit cards do. You must look at the specific terms of the credit card to see if theft protection is provided. If your credit card does provide this service, the terms will also tell your for what period after the purchase of the item that you are protected with this coverage.

Credit card theft protection is especially nice to have when purchasing high priced items. There is nothing worse than spending a large amount of money on an item to have it stolen a week later. Using a credit card gives you a bit of added protection as well as some ease of mind.

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