Free Travel Insurance

Many credit cards come with varying degrees of life insurance when you purchase airline tickets and vacation packages on your credit card. This means that if you should happen to die in an airline disaster or while on vacation, you will be covered with a certain amount of life insurance. This can sometimes replace the expensive travel insurance that is sold at airport terminals.

While many credit cards offer this perk, you must look at the details of your specific credit card to know whether it is offered or not. The terms will also go into detail of the exact amount you are covered for if they offer this protection and under what circumstances the life insurance can be claimed.

Another common travel perk that credit cards offer is baggage insurance. This means that if you suitcase is lost while traveling, the credit card will reimburse you a specific amount that will also be detailed in the terms of your credit card contract.

As competition between credit cards intensifies, some credit cards are beginning to offer even more free travel related perks. These include such things as baggage delay insurance, flight delay insurance, emergency hospitalization insurance, lost passport and visa insurance, free airport transportation service, concierge service and more. If you will be traveling a lot, it can pay to take the time to find a credit card that offers an abundant number of these free travel services that you are likely to utilize.

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