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Cash Back Awards

For those who use their credit cards responsibly, there are a wide variety of perks that you can get when applying for a credit card. Because the credit card industry is so competitive, many credit cards will offer cash back for every purchase you make. This amount can be as high as 5%.

While many of these cards have a yearly fee, if you take the time to compare and look around, you can find credit cards with a cash back reward without a yearly fee. Even cards that have yearly fees, it may be possible to get the fee waived simply by asking.

This means that by simply using your credit card, you'll get a little bit of money back. While the percentage may seem small, it can add up to several hundred dollars or more over the year depending on how often you use the credit card.

While most people think about using credit cards when they go shopping for gifts, you can use them for practically anything these days. Almost anything that you can purchase, you can pay for with a credit card. Here are a few of the many things you can use your credit card for to earn your cash back bonus:

Phone Bills
Car Repairs
Airline Tickets
Rental Cars

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